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I can amplify your business marketing by creating content – words, photos, video, graphics – and connecting it to potential customers using social media. You need an effective Content Marketing and Social Media strategy to grow your business and I can help.

I’ve been creating written and visual Content Marketing and Brand Journalism products for more than 15 years for high profile organizations including the Canadian Hockey League, NASCAR and the City of Belleville, Ontario.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Tell a Great Story and See Who’s Listening

I just started reading Shawn Coyne’s new book The Story Grid. He’s a super hero among book editors and has crunched down his process for turning a mediocre story into a best seller. In the intro to the book Shawn says “Stories are the most important...

What the Heck is Content Marketing Anyway?

I’ve been getting a lot of blank stares lately. I just quit a great job to start a communications agency and I’ve been connecting with as many people as I can to tell them about my business. “So, what do you do?” “Content...

What’s Your Story?

This afternoon I toured a five million dollar home for a real estate video that I’ve been contracted to produce. I’ve never been in a five million dollar house before and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I wasn’t even really sure what a five...

What Do I Sell?

What is it about selling that terrifies me? I know I’m not alone. I’ve seen dozens – and I’m sure there are thousands – of articles, books and how-to-videos about how-to get over the fear of selling. But what is it really about?...

Zakk Wylde rocks social media — here’s how you can too

If you have no idea who Zakk Wylde (@ZakkWyldeBLS) is I don’t blame you if all you see is a long-haired, black leather-wearing, guitar-wielding maniac. There is that about him. But he’s also stellar at Twitter and while you don’t have a prayer of copying his...

Supercharge Your Small Business Marketing

Supercharge Your Small Business Marketing is my brand new course that will help you say goodbye to old advertising habits that don’t work anymore and hello to a profitable new online marketing strategy in just 90 minutes.

You get video, words and images that will help you understand how to leverage the power of building a community with great content. Content Marketing will help your sales soar and I’m going to give you the easy to understand and easy to use tools to get you there.

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